Old Mother West Wind

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The Book: Old Mother West Wind

Old Mother West Wind was first published in 1910.  This wonderful collection of stories written by Thornton W. Burgess has been a favorite over generations. Old Mother West Wind introduces many animal characters that later became books of their own. This is just the beginning of tales about Peter Cottontail, Reddy Fox, Jerry Muskrat, Johnny Chuck, and many more!  In this book, Burgess tells us why Grandfather Frog has no tail, why Jimmy Skunk’s family was given stripes, how Spotty the Turtle wins a race, and so many more endearing stories about woodland creatures.



 We want you to fall in love with these adorable animals and their captivating stories.

That’s why we are offering our reading comprehension questions and vocabulary list for Old Mother West Wind for free.

And, in case you don’t already own this book, we have also made the entire text available for free.  This version also includes the discussion questions and vocabulary.


 CharacterTraitsHeaderThornton W. Burgess not only filled his stories with scientific knowledge about animals, he also gave his characters attributes and situations that help us teach about moral character.  Each book contains a variety of traits that can be turned into discussions about proper behavior and attitudes.

Below we’ve compiled a short list of some of the character traits found in Old Mother West Wind.  For a more in depth look, click on the traits for additional activities and book suggestions associated with that trait. (Words will become clickable once we have dedicated pages to each trait, so please be patient as we continue building our site!)

Vanity – Chapter 2: Frogs cared so much for their tails’ beauty that Mother Nature took them away
Neighborliness – Chapter 4: Peter Rabbit helps Mrs. Grouse when her eggs were empty and broken
Determination – Chapter 7: Jimmy Skunk doesn’t give up looking for beetles
Thoughtfulness – Chapter 11: Jerry Muskrat finds a way to include all his friends at his party
Contentment – Chapter 13: Several creatures go in search of “the Best Thing in the World”
Resourcefulness – Chapter 16: Spotty the Turtle figures how to win a race


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