Old Mother West Wind Unit Study

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The Book: Old Mother West Wind

Old Mother West Wind was first published in 1910.  This wonderful collection of stories written by Thornton W. Burgess has been a favorite over generations. Old Mother West Wind introduces many animal characters that later became books of their own. This is just the beginning of tales about Peter Cottontail, Reddy Fox, Jerry Muskrat, Johnny Chuck, and many more!  In this book, Burgess tells us why Grandfather Frog has no tail, why Jimmy Skunk’s family was given stripes, how Spotty the Turtle wins a race, and so many more endearing stories about woodland creatures.

Dover Children’s Thrift Classics have a wonderful version for sale on Amazon.com.  I love adding these little books to my library.

This book is also in the public domain and available for free download HERE.

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