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The Book

Title: Basil of Baker Street
Author: Eve Titus
Age Range: 6-9 years
Grade Level: 1-4

Basil of Baker Street (also known as The Great Mouse Detective) was first published in 1958.  Amazon now carries a republished version, as well as many more in the series. Basil is the star sleuth in this detective novel, with his sidekick Dawson. Both are mice living in the cellar of Sherlock Holmes’s house on Baker Street in London. They are soon approached by Mr. and Mrs. Proudfoot, a pair of mice parents whose young twin girls have gone missing.  Basil is quick on the case as he and Dawson set out to discover what has happened to Agatha and Angela.

My Thoughts

I have always loved a good mystery. The copy I picked up at my local library was titled “Basil of Baker Street.”  It wasn’t until I arrived home that I made the connection between this book and Disney’s The Great Mouse Detective.

This story is such a cute read.  I love how the author made Basil into a mouse version of Sherlock Holmes.  If you have a young detective in your home, this series is sure to entertain.  Some words may be a little more difficult for today’s reader, but it’s an excellent opportunity to grow vocabulary!

Since the twins are kidnapped by strangers, this also provides us as parents and teachers another chance to reinforce who strangers are, what kids can do when approached by a stranger, what steps to take if they are lost, as well as other concepts surrounding this topic.

As a side note, the movie The Great Mouse Detective, does not follow this book; however, the characters are based off the five books in the series.

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