The Adventures of Johnny Chuck

Free Unit Study and Teaching Guide for The Adventures of Johnny Chuck: Lists of Activities and Resources

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The Book: The Adventures of Johnny Chuck

The Adventures of Johnny Chuck written by Thornton W. Burgess was first published in 1913. In this story, Spring has arrived and after spending all winter hibernating, Johnny Chuck decides that he is dissatisfied with his home and sets out to find a new place to live. His search leads him to a run-in with another woodchuck on the Green Meadows, a snake, and a female chuck that gives him a new purpose for finding the perfect place to settle down.

Things to Talk About

  • What is a woodchuck?
  • What is a hyla (now called a Spring Peeper)?
  • How were the Green Meadow and Green Forest changing from winter to spring?
  • Have you ever heard a “laughing brook“?

Arts & Crafts

English & Reading

Science Exploration

Building Character

Extra Fun

Other Books To Read

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