The Adventures of Peter Cottontail

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The Book: The Adventures of Peter Cottontail

The Adventures of Peter Cottontail, written by Thornton W. Burgess in 1914, tells the stories about Peter Rabbit and his desire to change his name, as well as his many run-ins with Reddy Fox. His endless curiosity has him tracking down friends in an attempt to understand where they are going for the winter. Even though he is quite a trickster, we can’t help ourselves from loving him!

We have created an annotated version of The Adventures of Peter Cottontail ebook, that is available for purchase.  Along with the original text, we included end-of-chapter question guides to help prompt discussion and gauge reading comprehension.

We highly recommend using the guide side by side with the website.  Below you will find some other resources available to help you teach the moral lessons from this story, as well as online activities and book suggestions.

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Thornton W. Burgess not only filled his stories with scientific knowledge about animals, he also gave his characters attributes and situations that help us teach about moral character.  Each book contains a variety of traits that can be turned into discussions about proper behavior and attitudes.

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