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Reddy Fox - Quick Facts About Red Fox

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Reddy Fox

Reddy Fox is an American red fox. The red fox is part of the same family which also includes wolves and coyotes.  It is the largest of the true foxes.  Red foxes do not form packs, but do live in family groups.  They are most active at night and hunt alone.  Due to their ability to hear low-frequency sounds, red foxes are able to hear other animals digging underground and will dig in the dirt or snow to locate their prey. Giving chase and pouncing on prey, much like a cat, is often how they hunt. Their resourcefulness can be attributed to the common idea of a “sly fox.”






WARNING: The video below does show the red fox catching and eating mice (only twice).  I wanted to mention this for sensitive children that may not like to see it.  I chose to include the video as it is truly fascinating to watch the listening and pouncing of the red fox.