Prickly Porky: Porcupine Facts, Activities, Books, Photos, and Videos


Prickly Porky: Quick Facts About Porcupines

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Prickly Porky

In the Adventures of Prickly Porky, we meet Prickly Porky, a North American porcupine. Their name in Latin means “quill pig.”  These porcupines are mainly active at night, but that can change depending on where they live and the time of year. Porcupines live a very solitary life, due mostly to their ability to defend themselves from predators. They have poor eyesight, but are are equipped with quills, or spines, that are mixed in among their soft, long fur. Not only do the quills provide protection, they also help keep the porcupine warm during the winter. The quills are long, sharp, barb like spines. When a porcupine feels threatened, its quills will stand up, becoming easier to disengage from its body if necessary. Porcupines will often slap predators in the face with their tail, leaving behind quills, in order to defend themselves.

Porky is a rodent from the family of New World porcupines.Porcupines are grouped into two groups, Old World and New World, based on where they live in the world.  You can read more about Old World Porcupines here.




North American porcupine in tree

New World Porcupine

North American porcupine eating veggies.

Old World Porcupine

Old World Porcupine