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Peter Rabbit - Quick Facts About Cottontail Rabbits

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Peter Rabbit

In The Adventures of Peter Cottontail, we meet Peter Rabbit.  We know he is a cottontail rabbit because he attempts to change his name to Peter Cottontail in the first chapters of the book.  Rabbits are part of the same family which also includes hares.  Rabbits live in groups called colonies and have excellent vision, hearing, and sense of smell.  Rabbits can see in nearly every direction (even behind them!), giving them the ability to detect predators easily.  They also have very strong hind legs that enable them to jump great lengths in a short amount of time.  They are very social animals and need lots of physical and mental activity to be happy and healthy.  Hares differ from rabbits in that they are larger, have longer ears, and are less social.  Learn more about their differences here.




Close up of rabbit eating Cottontail rabbit in the grass Cottontail rabbit