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Paddy the Beaver - Quick Facts About Beavers

Photo by Marie Hale

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Paddy the Beaver

Paddy the Beaver is an American beaver.  The beaver is semi-aquatic and one of the largest rodents.  Beavers come in second to humans in their ability to change the land around them to suit their own needs. They are easily recognized by their large, flat tail which is used not only for swimming, but also for slapping the water to warn of danger.

Beavers have very strong teeth and jaws to help them gnaw and fell trees for building dams and lodges. This task is made easier by being able to stay under water for up to 15 minutes. The main purpose of the dams is to protect themselves against predators. The dams also allow easier access to food. It was found that beavers also dislike the sound of rushing water and they pile up sticks and mud until they no longer hear it. Beavers work at night and use their front paws and teeth as a means to move the branches, twigs, sticks and mud.




Side view of a beaver

Close-up of beaver

Beaver Lodge

Beaver Lodge