Mr. and Mrs. Redwing – Red-Winged Blackbird Facts, Activities, Books, Photos, and Videos

Mr. and Mrs. Redwing - Quick Facts About Red-Winged Blackbirds

Photo by Kurt Bauschardt

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Mr. and Mrs. Redwing

Mr. and Mrs. Redwing are red-winged blackbirds.  Red-winged blackbirds are in abundance in North America.  They are part of the thrush species.  They like to breed and nest in cattails. Males can be quite territorial, attacking both larger birds and humans that get too close to their nesting quarters. They will try new foods by watching what other blackbirds are eating.




Female red-winged blackbird in a tree

Close-up of male red-winged blackbird

Red-winged blackbird eggs in a nest

Eggs of a red-winged blackbird