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Jumper the Hare - Quick Facts About Hares

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In the book The Burgess Animal Book for Children we meet Jumper the Hare. He attends school with Peter Rabbit and they learn about what differences and similarities they have.  Hares are different from rabbits physically: they have longer ears, larger feet, and are faster and bigger in overall size. They are solitary animals and in the winter months, their fur turns white. Hares will communicate or warn others of danger by thumping their foot on the ground.

Hares have babies that are born with their eyes open and bodies full of fur, making it easy for them to adapt to their environment. It also allows for them to take care of themselves sooner than it would baby rabbits.  Hares are also referred to as jackrabbits and are known for their famous “boxing” matches which usually occur during mating season between a female and a too persistent male.  They are also excellent swimmers!




Comparison between a hare and a rabbit

Hare vs. Rabbit

Hare in tall grass

Texas Jackrabbit