Johnny Chuck – Groundhog Facts, Activities, Books, Photos, and Videos

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Johnny Chuck

Johnny Chuck is a woodchuck, or more commonly known as a groundhog.  Groundhogs are closely related to squirrels and have also been named “whistle pigs” for their high-pitched whistle emitted when in danger.  Groundhogs have short legs and tails but their limbs and sharp claws are very strong to help them dig out extensive burrows.  These burrows will have multiple tunnels and entrances and typically range from 8 to 50 feet long and are up to 6 feet underground!  These animals are pests to farmers, not only because of their lengthy tunnels but also because they enjoy munching on tender greens from the garden.  Groundhogs are active during the day and are excellent climbers and swimmers.  As true hibernators, groundhogs fatten up in preparation for winter.

On February 2, we celebrate Groundhog Day, which is the tradition of the groundhog predicting whether spring will arrive early or if winter will stick around for another 6 weeks, depending on if he sees his shadow or not.  Read more about the history of this celebration here.