Happy Jack Squirrel – Gray Squirrel Facts, Activities, Books, Photos, and Videos

Happy Jack Squirrel - Quick Facts About Gray Squirrels

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Happy Jack Squirrel

Happy Jack Squirrel is a gray squirrel.  Gray squirrels spend much of their time on the ground and like the open woodlands best. These squirrels have large bushy tails and are one of the very few animals that can go down a tree head first. They are most active in the mornings or early evenings. The gray squirrel is also called a scatter-hoarder, because it stores food in many different places, some said to have 1,000 different caches. They have a very good memory for being able to find and retrieve the caches, also using landmarks and their sense of smell to locate them.




Close-up of a gray squirrel

Gray squirrel on the ground