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Digger the Badger - Quick Facts About American Badgers

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Digger the Badger

Digger the Badger is an American badger.  American badgers are related to otters, weasels, and minks.  They have a flat body with short legs and shovel-like claws which make them excellent diggers.  Their home is called a sett that consists of several burrows with connecting tunnels and numerous entrances.  Each sett has separate chambers that are used for sleeping, storing food, birthing, etc.  Here is an example of an Eurasian badger sett.  Near the entrance of their setts, badgers often leave a pile of dirt in order to plug up the hole quickly when threatened.  American badgers are solitary and nocturnal.  When attacked, they will hiss, growl, and snarl.




Full body photo of badger