Danny Meadow Mouse – Vole Facts, Activities, Books, Photos, Videos

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Danny Meadow Mouse

Danny Meadow Mouse is a vole, commonly referred to as a meadow mouse or field mouse in North America. These rodents are similar to mice, but have more blunt snouts, smaller ears, and shorter tails. (In The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse we read about Danny wanting a longer tail like his cousin, Whitefoot.) Voles are active year round, traveling through networks of tunnels and trails in search of food.  These tunnels or runways protect the voles from predators and weather.  They are good diggers and swimmers and have excellent hearing and sense of smell.  Unfortunately, voles have many predators due to their small size and rarely live longer than 3 to 6 months.


Although I am including crafts for mice, you can always adapt them to make voles.



Vole in the grass

Vole Runways