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Buster Bear - Quick Facts About Black Bears

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Buster Bear

Buster Bear is an American Black Bear, which is the smallest, but most common, of the three species of bears found in North America. Black bears are excellent climbers and swimmers and have an exceptional sense of smell. They are opportunistic scavengers, which is why they will often seek out gardens and campsites in search of food.

Black bears are solitary animals and will often hibernate through the winter, but the length of time varies depending on the climate and location. They will hibernate in dens, caves, burrows and sometimes in tree holes above the ground.

A black bear’s coat is not always black, but often more brown and blonde in western areas. There is even a small population of a black bear subspecies in British Columbia that is all white and is referred to as the Kermode or Spirit bear.




Photo by Maximilian Helm

The Kermode or Spirit Bear