Bowser the Hound – Foxhound Facts, Activities, Books, Photos, and Videos

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Bowser the Hound

Bowser the Hound is found throughout a number of Thornton W. Burgess books.  He is the dog companion to Farmer Brown’s Boy.  Since we often hear about Bowser in relation to Reddy Fox, we can assume that he is a foxhound.  Foxhounds are scent dogs, bred to hunt foxes by scent.  They are very high energy dogs and are known for their “musical howl” that can be heard for miles.  For these reasons, foxhounds are an excellent choice for active, rural families.  Foxhounds are hardworking hunting dogs that are not easily distracted once a scent is caught.

Foxhunting was once a popular sport, with origins beginning in Europe in the 16th century.  Men on horseback would follow packs of foxhounds that gave chase to foxes.  This sport was a favorite of George Washington.