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Billy Mink - Quick Facts About American Minks

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Billy Mink

Billy Mink is an American mink.  Minks belong to the same animal family that includes otters, ferrets, and weasels.  American minks are about 2 feet long, a third of which is just their tail.  They have very soft brown to black fur which is covered with oily, waterproof hair.  Their body shape, combined with slightly webbed feet, make minks excellent swimmers.  They are mostly nocturnal and spend much of their time in the water hunting for food.  Often they will takeover empty burrows of muskrats or other like animals to make their home.  Minks can spray predators much like a skunk, but without good aim.  They also purr like cats when they are happy!




Dark brown American mink


American mink in the hiding in the rocks