Who We Are

Dinah1 I am a homeschool mom of 4 girls, ranging in ages from 2-10.  Our first experience with Thornton W. Burgess books was when my first daughter was in kindergarten.  We started reading “The Adventures of Reddy Fox” and from that point we fell in love with all the woodland characters portrayed in these stories.  I searched the web for ways to incorporate the valuable moral lessons found in the books, as well as the obvious study of animals and their habitats.  I couldn’t find anything that suited my needs, so I opted to create this website for anyone who wants to instill the love of animals and classic literature in their children.  I have joined efforts with my sister, Melissa, to give you more ideas and resources to explore the world of Thornton Burgess!





I am a homeschool mom of 3 children, ages 3-6. I was introduced to the Thornton Burgess books by my sister and immediately introduced my kids to Grandfather Frog, Jerry Muskrat, and Billy Mink. There are so many ways to incorporate lessons into these books, so my sister, Dinah, asked me to join forces with her and come up with fun and creative ways to give you some great lesson ideas! We really hope you enjoy the books as much as we do!