A Toad for Tuesday

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The Book

Title: A Toad for Tuesday
Author: Russell E. Erickson
Age Range: 6-9
Grade Level: 2-4

A Toad for Tuesday was first published in 1974.  This is a short novel without chapter breaks, but an easy read for elementary kids.  The story begins with two frog brothers, Morton and Warton, enjoying a tasty meal in their warm underground home during winter.  Warton decides he wants to visit his Aunt Toolia and prepares himself with layers of clothes, a pack of food and some skis.  On the way he gets picked up by an owl who takes him back to his tree and tells Warton that he will eat him on Tuesday since it’s the owl’s birthday.  Warton has five days to plan an escape, but in the meantime befriends the cranky owl. Warton’s calm and friendly nature might just be enough to save his life!

My Thoughts

Another thrift store find for me, A Toad for Tuesday won me over with the cover!  This book moves swiftly and the message in the story is heartwarming.  Warton seems to take his fate with ease, engaging the owl in long conversations and tidying up the owl’s home.  What I really liked was that Warton appears to have no ulterior motives, but it is just in his nature to be kind and friendly.  He is able to deal with the unexpected turn of events in a calm manner and thinks carefully before acting.  Warton exhibits some wonderful character traits, such as bravery, kindness, cleanliness, friendliness, and flexibility.

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